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GAPSA is now collecting survey data from renters in the Philadelphia area. Only with your help are we able to publish statistically significant results on landlord ratings, which will help incoming and current students make better-informed decisions about housing. It only takes five minutes to complete and provides space for comments in addition to quantitative ratings.

DISCLAIMER: The Landlord Survey response data collected and presented through this website does not reflect the opinions, position or endorsement of either the University of Pennsylvania Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA) or the University of Pennsylvania. The responses and opinions presented are solely those of the survey respondents. GAPSA and the University assume no responsibility for users' interpretation or reaction to the data.

The published survey results do not in any way constitute a warranty or representation by the University of Pennsylvania GAPSA or the University of Pennsylvania as to the quality, safety, or other features of a property or landlord. Students are reminded to check all available sources of information about landlords and properties prior to leasing (see,

Students are also reminded that dissatisfied tenants or very happy ones seem to be more likely to complete surveys. Furthermore, students should be aware that the landlord-tenant relationship requires both tenants and landlords to be responsible and responsive and that in some cases the renters themselves may not have exercised responsible behavior.

Reviews must present an accurate account of the individual's rental experience in a particular unit/building and/or from a particular landlord. Please do not provide misleading information and reviews. Focus on facts and do not make use of foul language or insulting remarks. Reviews which appear to be malicious or vindictive will not be approved for publication. GAPSA reserves the right to edit comments which contain inappropriate language. The decision to edit or refuse to approve a comment for publication is at the discretion of GAPSA.